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REVIVE – Who are we?

REVIVE is a non-governmental and non-profit organization carrying out medical humanitarian missions in developing countries with focus on Africa. REVIVE is fully independent and neutral in all its aspects. The organization does not have any commercial, political nor religious interests.

It started about 15 years ago with humanitarian missions in Africa and Asia, initially as a division of InterplastGermany and since 2014 as an officially registered Belgian non-profit organization.

Throughout its activities REVIVE brings specialized medical care to people, who, due to their living conditions, normally do not have access to it.

The focus of its activities are gynaecology(uterus prolapses, fistulae), surgery (thyroid, groin rupture, cleft lip, clubfoot, hydrocephaly…) and dental extractions. During the missions training is given to the local medical team.

REVIVE’s most recent humanitarian missions took place in Ethiopia and Madagascar. During a stay of 2 weeks about 500 people are treated and released from their pain and /or discomfort for free. So REVIVE helps people to reintegrate in their daily living environment.

REVIVE has no fixed costs, no offices, no employees, only volunteers.

All revenue goes entirely to our missions.

All team members operate on a free basis and make a voluntary donation to REVIVE. This represents only part of the expenses of a mission, the other part is covered by donations from service-clubs, associations, companies and private persons.


Support US:

IBAN: BE92 0017 5192 9023


Tax certificate possible in Belgium (as of €40)

Mentionplease: donation+ nationalregister number

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